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Dr. Rob McNeilly's C.E.T.
Learning Solutions in Hypnosis

We therapists are increasingly suffering from

  • isolation

  • lack of confidence

  • a safe place to practice

  • overwhelming choices of therapy approaches

  • being weighed down with the strain of having to pretend to be an expert and have all the answers while knowing we don't 

  • dealing with the frustration of feeling stuck with difficult and complex clients

  • boredom

  • burnout or settling for "doing time" until the weekend, holiday or retirement!

Traditionally learning about hypnosis requires memorizing a script - "Look at that spot, relax your body, your eyes are getting sleepy, etc., etc., etc.

Milton Erickson revolutionized all this by inviting us to focus on

  • hypnosis as an extension of "the common everyday trance"

  • the individuality of each unique client

  • adapting our approach to the client, not require the client to adapt to our "wisdom"

  • the client as the expert, not the therapist

  • the client having the resources, not the therapist

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Here are a few ways to
gain insight into Dr.
McNeilly's thinking

The Certificate Program and Diploma Program completed together fulfIll the training requirement for NBCCH membership.

28 Hr. Certificate 

Traditionally learning about hypnosis requires memorising a script - "Look at that spot, relax your body, your eyes are getting sleepy, etc., etc., etc.


This programme emphasises learning by doing, avoiding any need for complex theories or techniques. Recurrent practices allow the learning process to be embodied, confidently, respectfully, and securely.


This approach emphasises

  • creativity, not mechanical techniques

  • evoking resources and solutions from within a client, not imposing something external

  • listening, not instructing

  • being a partner, not an expert

  • exploring, not treating

  • asking questions, not giving answers

  • creating solutions, not understanding problems

  • focusing on future possibilities, not past limitations

  • observing rather than explaining

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28 Hr. Diploma

This programme is an extension of the certificate of learning solutions in hypnosis [or the matrix of Ericksonian hypnosis] and is only available if you have completed one of these.


It is centred around 14 video conversations each of 2 hours [a total of 28 hours] which will include:- 

  • an introduction to a topic 

  • a demonstration of how this might be applied

  • practice in small breakout groups with the option of asking for my help                

  • a discussion of the experience

  • all calls will be recorded for your future reference


We will explore

  • connecting and disconnecting

  • elastic time

  • time travel

  • noticing and not noticing

  • moving beyond anxiety and depression

  • healing trauma

  • resolving phobias

  • transforming pain into comfort

  • working with groups

  • self-hypnosis

  • applying this approach to ANY clinical situation

  • other issues as they arise.

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