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All menbers complete a 50+ hour NBCCH approved Clinical Hypnosis training, must carry malpractice insurance, attest that they have never been convicted of a felony, and meet the following requirements:

 a.  NBCCH (National Board Certified Hypnotherapist) level.  Meets all basic requirements above.   $95. 

 b.  NBCDCH (Diplomate) level.  Meets criteria for NBCCH + 2 years of active hypnotherapy practice.  $115. 

 c.  NBCFCH (Fellowship) level.  Meets criteria for NBCCH + 4 years of active hypnotherapy practice.   $125.     

 d.  NBCHt (National Board Certified Hypnotist). Never licensed, lapsed license, or not licensed in your resident state as a mental or physical healthcare professional, with no reciprocal state status.  $85. 

 e.  Retired, Semi-retired, or Student-Intern.  Usually practicing 10 or fewer hours per week.  $55. 

 f.   International membership (outside U.S. or Canada).   $75. 

 g.  NEW:  Veterans with honorable discharge or active duty. Complimentary lifetime membership.


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