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International Listings


Stephen Paul Adler, Ph.D , NBCFCH

Global Institute for Trauma Resolution, LLC

Brazil and New York

+55-119-8746-0722 Mobile BRA

BRA +1 347 480 1832

Psychoanalyst, Ericsonian Hypnotherapist, EMDR, trauma resolution.


Sheri Johnson, MSW, RSW, LCSW, NBCFCH

BC, Canada

Florida, USA

+1- 604-309-9495


I am the Founder, Clinical Director, and psychotherapist for FreeMind Therapy, and a Registered Social Worker offering remote sessions to BC and Ontario residents.  I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, A Rapid Resolution Therapy practitioner with over 300 hours of training, and have been in the field since 2009.  I specialize in clearing up PTSD, phobias, the evffects of trauma (such as sexual assault, car accidents, birth/labor trauma) and also support addiction recovery, insomnia resolution, and a variety of other psychological, emotional, and behavioral issues.

RSW BC CA 09790 Exp 1/31/23.

Sabrina Sundari, NBCHt

Hypnotist & Somatic Coach

Ontario, Canada M6H1Y6


IG: @sabrina.sundari


Helping people heal from traumatic relationships and regain their sense of power and boundaries using Rapid Resolution Therapy (R) and Somatic Coaching.



Boris Lobodov, MD, PhD, MHS, NBCFCH 

Psychiatrist and Addictionist

15, Alexeevskogo , of 217

394000 Voronezh, Russia

Phone:  (4732) 568634

Phone:  (4732) 527573

Skype: boriz35


Shaun J. F. Brookhouse, MA, NBCFCH


Manchester, M16 8FT, UK

Telehealth and In-Office appointments

Accepts Insurance

Provides Supervision

Published Author

I have been a practising hypnotherapist since 1989 and a practising psychotherapist since 1995, having achieved my first accreditation with UKCP in 1996. I have since also gained Senior Accredited Membership of the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society in 2023. The training programmes they accredit are a minimum of 4 years in length at Masters Degree Level. I have completed two of these programmes, in 1995 with the Centre Training School of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy and in 2007 with the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. I also achieved a UKCP Accredited Diploma in Psychothereutic Counselling in 2017 from The Northern Guild Psychotherapy and Counselling. I specialise in integrating hypnosis with psychotherapy in order to work with Trauma as well as a myriad of other psychological and behavioural issues. 

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