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Jon Connelly’s career as a teacher and healer spans half a century.  Rapid Resolution Therapy is engaging and often fun for both the practitioner and the client. This leads to much higher job satisfaction and lower levels of burnout.


His Institute for Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) serves hundreds of members with thousands of hours of live and recorded trainings. By understanding and utilizing the RRT methods, you’ll be able to see real results happen rapidly with people who seek your assistance. 

To learn more, visit The Institute for Rapid Resolution Therapy.

This course is NBCCH-approved

for licensed and unlicensed professionals.  

Completion of the course qualifies you for an exclusive discount offer for 2023 NBCCH membership dues.

To take advantage of this exclusive offer
follow the steps:

step 1:  start with NBCCh membership rules.

Step 2:  Complete the 2023 membership form

Step 3:  Pay DISCOUNTED dues here using the RRT Payment utility below. 

step 4: submit the practitioner listing form

Before you pay dues, please read carefully:  ALL MEMBERS (licensed or not) must have a current malpractice policy.  This goes for coaches as well as therapists.  Kindly also fill and submit the membership and practitioner listing forms for NBCCH records.  Without these, membership can not be completed.

Thank you!

Check out our page for insurers for therapists and coaches If you're using NBCCH membership to apply for insurance, then we can provide you with a certificate.

See what readers are saying about Dr. Connelly's revolutionary book on Amazon.

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NBCCH Certificate.jpg

Here's an example of the parchment certificate given annually to members.

Would you like a free peek at RRT in action?


Dr. Jon Connelly and the Institute for Rapid Resolution Therapy offers a 2 hour FREE open enrollment class.

Solutions!  On Zoom, every Monday Night from 7 - 9 pm EASTERN and Occasional Afternoons from 3 - 5 pm EST. 

The course is free, but registration is required. 

Visit The Institute for Rapid Resolution Therapy to register.

"Dr. Connelly's wonderful wayof being so absolutely present with whomever he is speaking, with no apparent concern about the long line of people waiting to speak with him.  He stays with each person until he gets done whatever it is for each person.  He must have talked to more than 10 of us...back to back...for  more than 2 1/2 hours.  He has such a kind and caring heart,a nd he truly lives up to his mission of eliminating as much suffering for as many peope as possible."

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