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Eugenia A. Morefield, LPC, NBCFCH

Spirituality and Beyond

Houston, TX 77586

832-453-9078 call/text.


In-office appointments

Accepts insurance


My calling is to help people who have suffered trauma and are looking for closure.  The most powerful tool in my practice is Hypnotherapy; most likely, we will use it at the perfect time. You begin healing your emotional self once you discover who you are and when your pain was created.  You will then learn to love yourself unconditionally, perfect among your imperfections.  You are the creator of your history, and tomorrow you will live with the memoir you created today.  

Please read my book on Amazon: Marlene and Me. I discovered Spiritual Healing through resolving past life trauma.

TX LPC 68809 Exp 11/30/23 

Paul Langfield, LMFT, NBCCH

Certified Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapist

Cohesive SOULutions Counseling

Loveland, CO 80534

970 - 617-3640

I am a Board Certified Fellow in Clinical Hypnotherapy with over 30 years of experience in clinical hypnotherapy and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).  I incorporate Solution-focused therapy, addictions counseling, traumatic brain injury recovery, formal psychological evaluation, and executive leadership coaching.  I’m trained and certified to offer Psychedelic-Assisted psychotherapy, IFS, CBT, DBT, and coaching in effective parenting.  I provide clinical supervision at Colorado State U.  Currently, I’m leveraging technology to provide immersive experiences of visual and auditory brainwave entrainment.  My signature approach “enhances trances” by optimizing the power and flexibility of NLP to create a deeply relaxing and healing experience for clients.


TX MFT 204761 

Blanche H. Khan, PHD, LPC, LCDC, NBCDCH

Accepts some insurance plans

Houston, TX 77098

In-office appointments


Addiction counseling, depression, marriage and family counseling, stress management and anger management.

TX LPC 13025 

Naomi Morgan, LMHC, NCC, NBCDCH

Destin FL. 32541

Phone:  850-837-3800  

Fax:  850-837-0104


Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor

Certified Institute Rapid Resolution Therapist (IRRT).  Certified Diplomate in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

TX LPC 83012 

Nancy Stroud, LCSW, NBCCH

Certified RRT Specialist

Katy, TX 77494


Telehealth and In-office appointments

I am a trained psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) in private practice since 1989. Serving Texaswith in-person and online therapy. I'm known as a compassionate “good listener,” skilled at guiding clients through troubling experiences to rediscover a true sense of relief and self-fulfillment. I work with clients on traumatic stress (including complex-PTSD); trauma caused by infidelity, toxic relationships, domestic abuse, or other relationship trauma; anxiety; depression and grief; marriage conflicts and family stress (including teens). I earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston and earned her master’s degree in social work there in 1989.

TX LCSW S18174 

Laura Summerhill, PhD, LCSW, NBCCH

Houston, TX 77077


I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and National Board Certified Hypnotherapist who specializes in anxiety, grief, and trauma recovery. Clinical hypnosis is an effective adjunct treatment that has produced lasting changes for my clients in reducing pain, anxiety, fear, and depression, and increasing confidence and performance. I have a Telehealth practice and am LCSW licensed in Texas, New York, and Idaho. I am also a clinical supervisor in the state of Texas for LMSWs pursuing the LCSW credential. My subspecialties include late ADHD diagnosis, and clinical issues in adoptive families.

TX LCSW-S40144

NY LCSSLW073191 

ID LCSW43704 

Nevine Sultan, PhD, LPC, NCC, RYT, NBCCH

Houston, TX 77006


Somatic/Embodiment specialist with extensive clinical experience in developmental and relational trauma, dissociation, addictions, mood and anxiety disturbances, loss and grief, and identity reconstruction.

I integrate hypnotherapy with traditional talk therapy and body-centered approaches, allowing for holistic processing of issues and concerns that emerge during hypnotherapy.

TX LPC 70380 

Richard O. Bush, PhD, LPC,  NBCCH

Mind Over Matter Counseling & Hypnotherapy

Allen, Texas 75013

972-727– 1400

Board Certified Christian Counselor helping people create positive personal change thru counseling & hypnosis for the past 28 years.

Christian counseling, marriage and family counseling, stress, anger management and more.

Hypnosis to stop smoking; weight loss; nail biting; test anxiety; fears and phobias; stress management; study habits and test anxiety.

TX LPC 19951 

Eve Weber, PhD, NBCFCH

Atlas Neuro Therapy, PLLC


Dripping Springs, TX 78620


NBCCH Fellow with a Solution-Focused approach to therapy for adolescents and adults. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Individuals, Families and Couples. Therapy for depression, trauma, anxiety, chronic fatigue, grief and loss issues.

TX  LP 34630 6/22


San Antonio/Castle Hills area, TX


Specializing in Trauma Relief, Fear and Phobia Reduction, Pain Management, Stop-Smoking, Weight Loss, Sports Enhancement, Addiction Recovery, Family Relationships, and other popular uses of hypnotherapy.  

TX LPC 11437 8/22

Alonzo M. Cavazos, Jr., EdD, LCSW, LPC, NBCCH

Harlingen, Texas 78550


Hypnotherapy services are available for smoking cessation, weight loss, anger management, pain control, phobias, addictions, marital difficulties, emotional and behavioral issues, as well as stress associated with physical illness. 

Clinical Hypnosis training is also available for Mental Health Professionals.

TX LPC 6/22, LCSW 03720 6/23

F. Russell Crites, Jr., LPC, LMFT, LSSP, NBCCH

Coppell, Texas  75019  and

Garland, Texas 75040

Phone:  972-506-7111



Utilizing counseling and hypnotherapy I have helped people with personal issues and in achieving their life goals for over 25 years.   I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. 

I specialize in marriage and family therapy, multiple individual issues including phobias, sexual issues, stress management & anxiety, smoking cessation, and more.

TX MFT 2499

Bruce Turk LCSW, NBCCH

Luminos Counseling Services

Arlington, TX 76017


Dedicated to the courageous individuals devoted to changing their lives by directing their attention inward. 

Individual counseling, marriage and family counseling, stress, anger management, trauma treatment and more.

Hypnosis to stop smoking; weight loss; general habit cessation; test anxiety; fears & phobias; stress management; sports performance; and a multitude of other applications.

TX LCSW 56805

Khadijat Quadri, LPC, NCC, NBCCH

San Antonio, TX

Phone: 210-314-7687 Fax: 210-314-7494

210-373-1701 (cell)

Psychotherapist, REIKI Master and Doctoral Researcher, providing quality outcome-based services that enhance emotional strength and promote creative healing processes for San Antonio residents throughout their lives.

Individual and Family Counseling, Couples Counseling, Psychological Assessments, Specializes in Counseling for Depression, Bipolar Disorders and Anxiety Disorders, Play Therapy (Ages 2-17), Reiki Healing, Energy Work, Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy, Weight Loss Hypnotherapy, Sports Hypnotherapy, Shamanic Sound Healing, Past Life Regression, Phobias, Stress Management and Pain Management

TX LPC 67102 2/23

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