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Chase Harshbarger, LPCC-S, NBCCH

Medina, OH 44256



I am a licensed professional Clinical Counselor, Certified EMDR therapist, and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist in virtual private practice for State of Ohio residents.  I utilize an eclectic approach incorporating EMDR,  CBT, and DBT to help clear embodied negative beliefs, improve thinking patterns, increase self compassion and acceptance, and assist clients to get in touch with their whole self by honoring resilieincy, increasing internal awareness, and releasing unprocessed memories and emotions.  I acknowledge that exploring parts of yourself and healing old wounds can be a really s cary and vulnerable place.  If you feel that I am the right fit for you, please reach out to learn more about the services I offer.

OH 2001716-SUPV

Jaclyn Miller, PhD, NBCFCH

Holistic Counseling & Mountain Retreats

Brecksville, OH


Licensed Psychologist, Director and Certified Fellow in Hypnotherapy. Twenty years of integrating science and soul into practical solutions.  Indigo Children. Groups offered.

Also specializing in counseling, dream-work, nature therapy & spirituality.  Mountain retreats offered for Mental, Emotional and Spiritual growth.

OH P4583

Linda Popp, LPCC-S, NBCFCH

Medical Hypnosis Center for Wellness

Akron, OH 44312


I use a medical hypnosis model, an individual, short term, goal oriented therapy, for diagnosis, subconscious analysis, and treatment of psychosomatic, emotional, spiritual, and psychological problems. 

The use of hypnotherapy enhances performance in sports, academics, and work.

I also assist those with health challenges, with smoking cessation and weight normalization, pre-surgical suggestions, and psychoneuroimmunology issues.

OH LPCC-S E1428 

Bruce Arnold, DSW, LICSW,  NBCFCH

Albany, OH 45710



Accepts Insurance

Provides Supervision

I've been a social worker for over 45 years.  I've worked in outpatient and inpatient settings, rural and urban, in-person and via telehealth.  I earned my Doctorate in 2010.  Primarily, I work with children and families, although I've done the entire range of clinical social work.  I specialize in treatment of survivors of trauma, including physical abuse, neglect, domestic violence, and combat trauma.

OH LICSW-S 1.2204172-SUPV 

Tanisha Tiana Richardson, LISW-S, NBCCH

Medical Hypnosis Center for Wellness

Ohio, Washington DC, MD, VA.



Accepts Insurance

Hello, I'm so honored you made it to this part in your journey. I would love to be a part of the continued healing. I'm a Clinical Licensed Therapist certified in Hypnosis, and Meditation. I believe these modalities are helpful in the holistic approach to enhancing self.

OH LISW-S I.2102634-SUPV

Janet K. Richards, LPCC-S, LICDC-CS, NBCCH

Balance Counseling and Recovery


OH CPCC-s E0601011

OH LICDC 161022-1

Kimberly Smeltzer, PsyD, NBCCH

Marion, OH 43302

614-257-5200 x52694

Telehealth and In-office appointments

OH PSY6428

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