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NBCCH Certification makes your services more attractive by granting the public certain assurances:

  1. ALL of our members have completed NBCCH-approved training (50 hours) in hypnosis. (Check the approved trainers listings under the "Training" tab. If your trainer isn't listed, please contact NBCCH.)

  2. ALL members must carry current liability (E&O) insurance covering hypnosis. (See a list of insurance carriers under the "Benefits" tab.)

  3. ALL members assert that they have not been convicted of a felony.

  4. If you're enlisted or an honorably discharged veteran, and meet NBCCH membership criteria, this form is all that's required to join. No payment required.


The NBCCH certification is offered to actively licensed professionals with a healthcare-related degree. The NBDCH designation is available for lay hypnotists and to professionals with inactive licenses.  NBCCH certification does not supersede any legal requirements for the practice of hypnosis or hypnotherapy that exist in any local regional, or national jurisdiction. 

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