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    Welcome to NBCCH 30+ Years of Hypnotherapist Certification JOIN/RENEW NOW One of our members resides 1 mile from the fire zone in Hawaii. He is a member of the local Rotary Club, and mentioned that they are reputable and taking donations to help victims of the fire. If you would like to help, click the Donate Now button. Your donation will go directly to the Rotary Club. DONATE NOW YOU CAN HELP The National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists was organized in 1991 as a certifying organization dedicated to promoting professional standards in the mental and physical health specialty of hypnotherapy. NBCCH continues its commitment to the diversity of its constituents, to promoting best practices, and to providing information to the public. NBCCH works to promote the talents and skills of its members. Training Opportunities Training Opportunities Bulletin An NBCCH membership prerequisite is 50 hours of clinical hypnosis training by an NBCCH-approved provider. For more information, please see the NBCCH approved trainers list. SEPTEMBER The Wellness Institute is offering a 6-Day Online Introduction to Hypnosis Training. This organization provides training approved for 60 CEs in 50 states. The course is approved for NBCCH Certification. The upcoming course is held on September 14 - 19, or October 19 - 24, or November 9 - 14, 2023 . Visit The Wellness Institute to learn more and register. Dr. Jon Connelly and the Institute for Rapid Resolution Therapy offers Understanding & Utilizing Rapid Resolution Therapy. This course is NOT approved for NBCCH Certification. The course meets on Zooom, from September 19 - October 12, Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 1-3 pm EST. Visit The Institute for Rapid Resolution Therapy to register. Bill O'Hanlon is offering an online Complete Income Creating Guide to Public Speaking, Seminars, & Courses bundled with Earing by Educating: The Paid Public Speaking Course by Dr. David Hill. Learn how to conduct Profitable Mental Health Trainings. Enrollment closes on September 20th. Once enrolled Lifetime Access is included with a 14-day money back guarantee. This course is NOT approved for NBCCH Certification Visit Psych Maven to learn more and register. Dr. Jon Connelly and the Institute for Rapid Resolution Therapy offers a 2 hour FREE open enrollment c lass. Solutions! On Zoom, every Monday Night from 7 - 9 pm EASTERN and Occasional Afternoons from 3 - 5 pm EST. The course is free, but registration is required. Visit The Institute for Rapid Resolution Therapy to register. The Wellness Institute is offering a 2-part EMDR Training. The course is NOT approved for NBCCH Certification Part 1 is September 20-22, and Part 2 is October 23-25. Visit The Wellness Institute to learn more and register. Courtney Armstrong offers two 25-hour Courses that, together, are approved for NBCCH Certification If you completed the Trauma Informed Hypnotherapy 1 from April 4-May 30, 2023, then you may attend the Trauma Informed Hypnotherapy 2 from Sept 20-Nov 8, 2023. Click here to learn more. These trainings include a practice circle. The Wellness Institute is offering a recorded course on The Dissociative Spectrum. The course provides 2 CEs. The course is NOT approved for NBCCH Certification Visit The Wellness Institute to learn more and register. octoBER The NLP Center of New York is offering Live on Zoom or In-Person Ericksonian Hypnosis Training. These courses are approved for NBCCH Certification The Zoom course is held on Fridays 11am-3pm EST from Oct 6 - Mar 22, or, on Zoom on Saturdays from 10am-2pm from Oct 14, 2023 - April 13, 2024, with holidays off. The in-person course is held on Sundays in Manhattan from 10am-5pm, Oct. 29, 2023 - Feb 18, 2024, with holidays off. Visit The NLP Center of New York to learn more and register. The NLP Center of New York is offering live on Zoom or In-Person NLP Training. The courses are NOT approved for NBCCH Certification. The Zoom course is held from 10am-2 pm on Thursdays from Oct 5, 2023 - April 11, 2024, except Nov 22. Or Sundays from 10am-2 pm EST from October 15, 2023 - May 5, 2024, except holidays. The in-person course is held in Manhattan on Saturdays from 10am-5pm from Oct. 28, 2023 - Mar 9, 2024, with holidays off. Visit The NLP Center of New York to learn more and register. The Wellness Institute's inaugural Virtual Wellness Summit The course is NOT approved for NBCCH Certification October 21 & 22 beginning at 9am Pacific Time. Registration is Free. Visit The Wellness Institute to learn more and register. Dr. Elizabeth Michas and MindWorks offers two 25-hour Courses on Brain-Based Hypnotherapy that together, are 50 hours and are approved for NBCCH Certification . The first in person course is August 25-27 at Okaloosa Island, Fort Walton Beach, Florida. The 2nd in person Advanced Training Course follows from October 6-8. An online certification training option is available for both of these courses via Zoom. Click here to learn more. These trainings include an online practice circle. Coming soon Michael D. Yapko, PhD , is offering a 100 hour Online Clinical Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy Training online for graduate students and practitioners with an advanced degree. The course is approved for NBCCH Certification . The upcoming course is held from 9 am - 1 pm PST in 5 phases beginning January 24, 2024 and ending June 15, 2024. Click here to learn more. Download the brochure here. Visit to learn more and register. About Contact About Our founder, Ron Klein, began NBCCH 30+ years ago, and grew it into one of the premier certifying boards for hypnotherapists. For decades, Ron was known for training hypnotherapists in Ericksonian methods and NLP. In 2019, Lorrie Fisher came on board as Ron's Director of Membership. She created an updated website for NBCCH, and Ron began discussions about the future of NBCCH as he contemplated retirement. By the 4th quarter of 2021 Ron had closed his institute and office due to failing health, and the legal transfer of NBCCH to Lorrie began. Perhaps due to Long COVID, Ron interrupted that transfer by posting a surprise announcement that NBCCH would terminate effective New Year's Eve 2021. With the new NBCCH website in hand, Lorrie relaunched NBCCH effective New Years Day 2022. Thanks to the loyalty and enthusiasm of our membership, once again, NBCCH is thriving and we all got to retain our certifications. ​ Who is Lorrie, you might ask. Lorrie Fisher is a PhD psychophysiologist (literally a mind-body practitioner) with an online, private practice. She's licensed as a marriage and family therapist, and is board certified in biofeedback /neurofeedback. Her practice consists of remotely supervised at-home neurofeedback and biofeedback, as well as online brief trauma hypnotherapy. Lorrie has trained in RRT, Brainspotting, EMDR, NLP, Kriya meditation, and is certified as a Clinical Fellow by NBCCH. Her education includes architecture and medicine, with a bit of what's called bio-hacking on the side. To learn more visit Or call the contact number and say hello.

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    RAPID RESOLUTION THERAPY (RRT) Clinical Hypnosis and RRT (60 CEs) Jon Connelly’s career as a teacher and healer spans half a century. Rapid Resolution Therapy is engaging and often fun for both the practitioner and the client. This leads to much higher job satisfaction and lower levels of burnout. His Institute for Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) serves hundreds of members with thousands of hours of live and recorded trainings. By understanding and utilizing the RRT methods, you’ll be able to see real results happen rapidly with people who seek your assistance. ​ To learn more, visit The Institute for Rapid Resolution Therapy. This course is NBCCH-approved for licensed and unlicensed professionals. Completion of the course qualifies you for an exclusive discount offer for 2023 NBCCH membership dues. To take advantage of this exclusive offer follow the steps: step 1: start with NBCCh membership rules . Step 2: Complete the 2023 membership form Step 3: Pay DISCOUNTED dues here using the RRT Payment utility below. step 4: submit the practitioner listing form Before you pay dues, please read carefully: ALL MEMBERS (licensed or not) must have a current malpractice policy. This goes for coaches as well as therapists. Kindly also fill and submit the membership and practitioner listing forms for NBCCH records. Without these, membership can not be completed. Thank you! ​ Check out our page for insurers for therapists and coaches . If you're using NBCCH membership to apply for insurance, then we can provide you with a certificate. See what readers are saying about Dr. Connelly's revolutionary book on Amazon. Here's an example of the parchment certificate given annually to members. Would you like a free peek at RRT in action? Dr. Jon Connelly and the Institute for Rapid Resolution Therapy offers a 2 hour FREE open enrollment c lass. Solutions! On Zoom, every Monday Night from 7 - 9 pm EASTERN and Occasional Afternoons from 3 - 5 pm EST. The course is free, but registration is required. Visit The Institute for Rapid Resolution Therapy to register. "Dr. Connelly's wonderful wayof being so absolutely present with whomever he is speaking, with no apparent concern about the long line of people waiting to speak with him. He stays with each person until he gets done whatever it is for each person. He must have talked to more than 10 of us...back to back...for more than 2 1/2 hours. He has such a kind and caring heart,a nd he truly lives up to his mission of eliminating as much suffering for as many peope as possible."

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    To see this working, head to your live site. Categories All Posts My Posts Peace of Mind Welcome! This is a place to explore everything hypnotic. Postings are moderated (almost) daily. Create New Post Navigating the Forum Here are some tips for a smooth experience subcategory-list-item.views subcategory-list-item.posts 1 Follow Introduce Yourself We're a Motley Bunch of Mavericks for the most part. (Hypnosis is hardly mainstream!) What's your story? subcategory-list-item.views subcategory-list-item.posts 1 Follow Queries & Quandaries Ask for help with techniques, concepts, and concerns. subcategory-list-item.views subcategory-list-item.posts 1 Follow Insights & Inspirations Post a great idea, technique, or success story. subcategory-list-item.views subcategory-list-item.posts 3 Follow Something Else Mind can contemplate more than a handful of categories. subcategory-list-item.views subcategory-list-item.posts 0 Follow New Posts Lorrie R. Fisher, PhD, MFT, BCN, NBCFCH Mar 16 How Low Does It Go? Insights & Inspirations A few weeks ago, I was observing a recorded hypnotherapy session of a client who presented to a colleague with self-doubt and regret for what she had been defining as her complicity in a traumatic event. The therapist had moved the client forward to the point at which the client realized that her intentions were innocent going into the event. She saw that her experience now informed her of what to avoid going forward, but that she couldn't then have understood to avoid what she didn't yet know. Her shoulders relaxed as she exhaled and said, "I did the best I could." I would have left it at that, and been patting my own back, to boot. But the therapist replied, "AND you were also doing the worst you could." Mind blown. That retort allowed the client to see what she had not yet seen: That there WAS a worse that could be done, and that she wasn't doing it. (Hey, you're not just doing a flimsy ok, you're way above all that possible bad stuff that you not only weren't doing, but didn't even think to do. Yay for you!) When the client stated that she was doing her best, she would have been looking upward from the bottom of the barrel. By that, I mean that the statement implies that HER best is not THE best. But, at least it wasn't as horrible as she'd been feeling it to be. Ok, but tepid. By pointing out that HER worst wasn't THE worst, it allowed her to realize that her best was even better than she had just realized. It put a plethora of worse stuff under her level, over which she then rose even higher, Like 0 comments 0 Lorrie R. Fisher, PhD, MFT, BCN, NBCFCH Mar 30 In a Word Insights & Inspirations You walk into a treatment room for your follow-up visit, and you wait. Your mind contemplates a range of possible outcomes. Most not appealing. The doctor walks in with an expression that brings to mind the way you felt when you spilt milk. Then he says, "We ran the tests and they show that you're........" YOU ARE ......... (or YOU HAVE....) Your identity just changed. In that moment, you went from being one thing to being another. (Or from having health, peace of mind, possibility, to having something much more ominous.) Just because of a word or two. We who employ hypnosis say lots of words. They are our tools of trade. Anything that begins with "You are" (or You Have) is instructing unconscious mind about the person's core identity or core condition. Even something said in a normal tone of voice, in a seemingly casual conversation, in the light of day, reaches the unconscious. Especially if that is spoken by someone who is a respected authority. I'm thinking that anyone who would come to me for hypnosis is conferring upon me the status of a most trusted healer. Similar to that of a surgeon. They are willing to relinquish control to me. Let's imagine that the same exact words are said "You have..." (You are...) as you notice ideopathic motor signaling. You lower your voice and speak as she exhales. Just add the emphasis: YOU! Have..... You'd advise me against it, ethically, unless I'm about to describe something appealing or beneficial. Those who come to us for help are in a state of dysregulation. Because of that, their neurological vigilence is amped up. They are scanning for, and prioritizing anything that may be unsafe. When language points to problems and vulnerabilities, the threat network in their brain will seize that and work 24/7 to keep them safe from that. So someone says, I'm depressed. I explain that depression is really exhaustion that happened because of chronic worry. Exhaustion and worry seem much smaller and less pathological than depression. (Actually, I spend lots of time tossing in science to make my claim stick.) The impact of diagnoses on self concept and stickiness of pathology is why I'm loathe to participate in diagnoses. Even when presenting a Superbill, in most cases, I provide the ICD-10 code without the associated descriptor. As guides into deeper states of transformation, it seems to me that we must prioritize the strategic use of words when it comes to even the lightest conversation about diagnoses. Or avoid them all together. Like 2 7 comments 7 Lorrie R. Fisher, PhD, MFT, BCN, NBCFCH Mar 02 Here's How to Get Going Navigating the Forum Step One: Click "Log In" (above). Step Two: Sign up with your email, or Google, or Facebook. Step Three: Create a password (write it down, NBCCH won't have it). Step Four: Click "Categories" (to the left of your login bar). Step Five: Choose a category. Then click "Create New Post" OR click on an existing post and click "Comment" at the bottom of the post. That's it! You're good to go! Like 2 0 comments 0 Forum - Frameless

  • The NLP Center of NY |

    Train In-Person or Online Established in 1986 by Rachel Hott and Steven Leeds, NLP Center of New York was one of the first NLP training and coaching centers in the world. Our certification is recognized worldwide for its quality and training and meets the guidelines of IANLP (The International Association for NLP). ​ Rachel Hott and Steven Leeds are the co-founders of The NLP Center of New York, established in 1986. Internationally recognized and committed to offering the highest quality NLP and Ericksonian training available anywhere, both online and in-person in Manhattan. While based in NYC, we have brought our training to Switzerland, China and Brazil. Rachel, a NYS licensed clinical psychologist and Steven a NYS licensed mental health counselor have also been offering psychotherapy and hypnotherapy for over 40 years. Rachel Hott and Steven Leeds Find current trainings in person or online by visiting the NBCCH Training Opportunities Bulletin or visit the NLP Center of NY online to learn more about Ericksonian Hypnosis Practitioner Certification Training or NLP Practitioner Certification Training.

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    Recent Publications from Our Talented Membership Click on an image to learn more or to order online See More Would you like to be featured here? Contact NBCCH

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    NBCCH-Approved Trainers for 50+HOUR Clinical Hypnosis Courses TRAINING WITH RON kLEIN FOR RENEWING MEMBERS IS APPROVED Bill O'Hanlon Ericksonian Hypnosis O' Bill is the co-founder of the Solution-Oriented Approach, a therapeutic method that focuses on identifying unrealized possibilities while acknowledging emotional and contextual issues. During graduate school, Bill studied with the eccentric and creative psychiatrist Milton Erickson (he was Dr. Erickson's only work/study student), he later became a major teacher/translator of Dr. Erickson's approaches to clinical hypnosis and change. To learn more, download his Free Guide to Ericksonian Hypnosis, and you will get connected to his email list. His will let you know about he next new student enrollment period. LEARN MORE ​ The Wellness Institute Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy 800-326-4418 Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814 The Wellness Institute is an internationally recognized school committed to offering the highest quality hypnosis and hypnotherapy training available to practicing Masters and PhD level professionals. With over 35 years of education experience and thousands of graduates in Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the U.S., The Wellness Institute is one of the oldest and most respected providers of hypnotherapy certification. At the Wellness Institute, we teach a highly effective treatment model that addresses body, mind, and spirit called Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy. LEARN MORE The NLP Center of New York Rachel Hott and Steven Leeds NYC, NY and worldwide online 404-913-2005 Established in 1986, NLP Center of New York was among the very first NLP Centers in the world. We meet the guidelines of The International Association of NLP (IANLP). This is not a training where you watch previously recorded videos. It is all live with Rachel and Steven, who have worked together teaching NLP since 1986. Rachel and Steven have backgrounds in education, mental health (Steven an MA and Rachel a PhD) which is rare for NLP Trainers. Steven and Rachel are a married couple, parents and business partners. LEARN M ORE HCH Institute Transpersonal Hypnotherapy 925-283-3941 Lafayette, CA 94549 The initial 200 hour online training at HCH is designed to insure systematic integration of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Regression Hypnotherapy, and many transpersonal modalities of healing through altered states of consciousness. As a result, graduates are insured competency in a wide variety of practical and effective therapeutic skills. One of the most significant elements in the HCH training is the emphasis on students personally experiencing the hypnotic process as hypnotees through demonstrations and partner practicum. Because graduates understand the transformational effects of hypnosis from the inside out, they are better prepared to empower clients to move through their own inner territories. Minimum enrollment requirements are age18 with a high school diploma. LEARN MORE The Institute for Rapid Resolution Therapy Jon Connelly, PhD, LCSW Phone: 561-741-4181, 800-587-2623 i Clinical Hypnosis with Rapid Trauma Resolution (RRT) i s an innovative method that painlessly eliminates the psychological and physiological effects of trauma. Unlike other approaches to trauma treatment which require the client to experience painful emotions while reliving the trauma, RRT clears the effects of trauma gently and painlessly. The client realizes fully and through every facet of their mind and body that these experiences are finished and gone. RRT facilitates transformation that effects emotions, beliefs, behaviors and even self-concept. he mind is cleared, organized and optimized. Desired change is automatic and lasting. Areas of Specialty: PTSD, anxiety, depression, sexual issues, panic attacks, trauma, rage, grief, insomnia, phobias, compulsions, guilt, addiction/dependency. ​ LEARN MORE MindWorks Psychology, LLC Elizabeth A. Michas, PhD Phone: 850-974-0361 Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547 Dr. Michas is the developer of a neuropsychologically informed approach to hypnosis called Brain-based Hypnotherapy using Em otional Pain Intervention (EPI®) . MindWorks Psychology, LLC meets the training standards of the NBCCH for professionals seeking NBCCH certification. MindWorks workshops emphasize neuroscience-based practice methods and integrative treatment modalities. Training facility is on beautiful beaches of Northwest Florida. Five-day training programs for hypnotherapy certification enable the trainee to return home with technical skill for reaching the whole brain in clinical practice. Training includes live and filmed demonstration, dyadic teaching and experiential practice. CE credits are available for APA, NBCC, NASW, and MFT. LEARN MORE Global Institute for Trauma ACT Institute Brazil Stephen Paul Adler, Ph.D, NBCFCH Resolution, LLC Sao Paulo, Brazil and NYC, New York +55-119-8746-0722 Mobile BRA BRA +1 347 480 1832 Psychoanalyst, Ericsonian Hypnotherapist, EMDR, trauma resolution. Dr Adler is a WHO Ambassador of India and the USA. Dr Stephen Paul Adler, PhD, is a disciple of Milton Erickson, being the only trainer qualified by him in all of Latin America. His full knowledge of the Ericksonian philosophy and professional experience with psychological trauma encouraged him to develop the Neurobiological Trauma Resolution, a special approach for healing various psychological traumas. Dr. Paul Adler has taught at New York University, the New School for Social Research, the National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis, and the National Institute for Psychotherapies; and served as international director of the New York Milton H. Erickson Society for Psychotherapy and Hypnosis. LEARN MORE ​ Institute for Trauma Informed Hypnotherapy Courtney Armstrong LPC, MHSP, NBCFCH Chattanooga, TN 37408 423-876-3490 t I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor and National Board Certified Fellow in Clinical Hypnotherapy who specializes in trauma, grief, and anxiety recovery. Integrating hypnosis in into treatment produced such profound changes for my clients that I wrote a couple of books about it (Rethinking Trauma Treatment and The Therapeutic “Aha!”) and founded the Institute for Trauma Informed Hypnotherapy wh ich has developed nationwide training programs for the Veterans Administration and teaches clinicians how to safely use hypnosis with trauma survivors in both psychotherapy and medical settings to reduce pain, anxiety, and depression. LEARN MORE The Knowledge Tree Becky Beaton-York, PhD Marietta, GA 30067 404-913-2005 Dr. Beaton-York is a Licensed Psychologist and the Founder of The Knowledge Tree with over 30 years of experience. She is a National Board Certified Fellow in Clinical Hypnotherapy. She has taught hundreds of h ypnotherapy certification c ourses to mental health professionals all over the United States, Mexico, and South Africa, including an NBCCH approved training (see "trainings"). LPCA of Georgia has awarded her with both the Counselor Educator of the Year Award in 2005 as well as the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015. LEARN MORE Michael & Diane Yapko +1-760-402-9100 The 100-hour online training program is divided into five phases, each progressively building in intensity and complexity as we go along. In every phase, the emphasis is on practicality: What are the practical implications of concepts being taught, and what are the techniques derived from these insights? There will be structured practice sessions in every phase; after all, the primary goal of the entire training is to give you the tools needed to integrate hypnosis skillfully into your clinical practice. There will be didactic presentations on key topics, live and video demonstrations, and ample opportunity for addressing questions and discussing the finer points of presented material. LEARN MORE ​ Learning Solutions in Hypnosis, C.E.T. Rob McNeilly, MD Live meetings, online It' s not surprising that there is a growing interest in hypnosis, and Er icksonian hypnosis in particular, since this approach emphasizes looking with each individual person for what will be relevant for them to resolve their difficulty. This approach results in a huge relief as well as our effectiveness increasing markedly. I had the rare privilege of learning from Milton Erickson MD himself towards the end of his life and was inspired to teach my version of what I learnt from him over the last 35 years in Australia, Singapore, Tokyo, Denmark, Brazil, Finland, UK, Ireland, Czech Re public, USA, and insreasingly, online. I promise that participation in this progam will glive you a solid foundation, in a respectful and effective context. LEARN MORE NBCCH DOES NOT PROVIDE TRAINING. INSTEAD, IT OFFERS A LIST OF VETTED TRAININGS. All trainers, although vetted, maintain sole responsibility for the claims, content, and results of their training. DO YOU OFFER A 50+ HOUR HYPNOSIS COURSE? WE WOULD LIKE TO LEARN ABOUT IT. Contact NBCCH to acquire NBCCH Approval Status for Your Workshop/s. First Name Last Name Email Best phone/text Submit

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    Ohio Bruce Arnold, DSW, LICSW, NBCFCH Albany, OH 45710 252-671-3539 Telehealth Accepts Insurance Provides Supervision I've been a social worker for over 45 years. I've worked in outpatient and inpatient settings, rural and urban, in-person and via telehealth. I earned my Doctorate in 2010. Primarily, I work with children and families, although I've done the entire range of clinical social work. I specialize in treatment of survivors of trauma, including physical abuse, neglect, domestic violence, and combat trauma. OH LICSW-S 1.2204172-SUPV Exp 12/24 Jaclyn Miller, PhD, NBCFCH Holistic Counseling & Mountain Retreats Brecksville, OH 719-687-6196 Licensed Psychologist, Director and Certified Fellow in Hypnotherapy. Twenty years of integrating science and soul into practical solutions. Indigo Children. Groups offered. Also specializing in counseling, dream-work, nature therapy & spirituality. Mountain retreats offered for Mental, Emotional and Spiritual growth. Chase Harshbarger, LPCC-S, NBCCH Medina , OH 44256 614-468-3489 Telehealth I am a licensed professional Clinical Counselor, Certified EMDR therapist, and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist in virtual private practice for State of Ohio residents. I utilize an eclectic approach incorporating EMDR, CBT, and DBT to help clear embodied negative beliefs, improve thinking patterns, increase self compassion and acceptance, and assist clients to get in touch with their whole self by honoring resilieincy, increasing internal awareness, and releasing unprocessed memories and emotions. I acknowledge that exploring parts of yourself and healing old wounds can be a really s cary and vulnerable place. If you feel that I am the right fit for you, please reach out to learn more about the services I offer. OH 2001716-SUPV Exp 5/20/24 Linda Popp, LPCC-S, NBCFCH Medical Hypnosis Center for Wellness Akron, OH 44312 330-794-8525 I use a medical hypnosis model, an individual, short term, goal oriented therapy, for diagnosis, subconscious analysis, and treatment of psychosomatic, emotional, spiritual, and psychological problems. The use of hypnotherapy enhances performance in sports, academics, and work. I also assist those with health challenges, with smoking cessation and weight normalization, pre-surgical suggestions, and psychoneuroimmunology issues. OH LPCC-S E1428 Exp 5-19-24 ​ Gary B. Kelley, PhD, FPPR, ABMP, NBCCH Multimodal Therapy Institute, Inc. Solon, Ohio 44139 440–349-5445 I'm a Licensed Psychologist specializing in the solution-oriented application of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for both mental health and physical health-related problems and issues. I treat Anxiety Disorders, Depression, smoking cessation, weight loss, distressed couples and families, self-esteem issues. I currently serve as the President of the Cleveland Society of Clinical Hypnosis. I'm an NBCCH Fellow. Specialty Board Certification in Medical Psychology and Fellow, Prescribing Psychologist Registry in Psychopharmacology. Certified Trainer in NLP and Multimodal Therapy. APA Certified in the Treatment of Alcohol and Other Psychoactive Substance Abuse Disorders and Member of the National Association of Drug and Alcohol Counselors. John J. Gary, PhD, PCCS, NCC, NBCCH John J Gary, PhD and Associates Worthington, Ohio 43085 614-846-8800 Professional Clinical Counselor Supervisor 30 plus years working with adults and adolescents. Specialties includes: Anxiety and Depressive Disorders, Smoking and Weight loss, Stress Management. Jane Pernotto Ehrman, MEd, NBCDCH Interactive Guided Imagery Guide (SM) Cleveland Clinic or by Telehealth Lyndhurst Campus: 216-448-4325 Beachwood: 440-213-1872 Brunswick: 440-213-1872 Cleveland, OH 44017 I help clients, through Clinical Hypnotherapy and Interactive Guided Imagery, effectively identify, resolve and heal stress-related illnesses and life issues. I work with clients ages 6 through adult, to explore, identify and heal issues related to: Stress (IBS, tension and migraine headaches, insomnia), performance anxiety (academic, sports and performing arts), preparing for surgery and other invasive, stress inducing procedures, acute and chronic pain relief, cancer and other life-threatening illness - diagnosis, treatment and recovery issues, lifestyle/behavior change (smoking cessation, weight loss, nail biting, etc.), high-risk pregnancy (hyperemesis, child birthing) and enuresis (bed wetting). Sandra Lankford, MSSA, LISW, NBCCH Canton, OH 44718 330-936-0830 Psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, pain management, post-traumatic stress, psycho-spiritual counseling, shamanic counseling and journeying, past life regression. Retreats, workshops and seminars on various topics are scheduled from time-to-time. Call to be notified of dates and topics. Ellen Seigel, LISW, ACHT, NBCCH Heart Centered Healing Columbus, OH 43235 614-842-4374 I offer Heart Centered Hypnotherapy which guides a person to the healing of the roots of their symptoms. As well as an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, I am a Clinical Psychotherapist for 33 years. I assist those with health challenges; relationship issues; low confidence; psychosomatic, emotional, spiritual, psychological problems; challenges related to identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender; achieving goals as well as overcoming fears and enhancing performance in sports, academics and work Steve Laudon LPCC, LICDC, NBCCH North Suburban Counseling Westerville, OH 614-895-9998 x 315 30+ years experience in individual, group, and family counseling; Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor; National Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. North Suburban Counseling is a small private practice group of seasoned professionals, offering their services in a warm, comfortable, home-like atmosphere. Lora Hanna, LISW, NBCCH Columbus , OH 43231 614-264-0355 Interactive Guided Imagery Guide (sm), Certified Hypnotherapist, Holistic Counseling, Guided Imagery, Hypnotherapy, Holistic Counseling. Specialties include: Weight loss, stress management, performance enhancement, anxiety, behavioral change, transitions, wellness, stress-related health issues. Helping you tap into your inner resources of strength, wisdom and creativity.

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    Unlisted Active Members Kassi L. Goodman, LPC, NBCFCH Goose Creek SC 29445 814-592-6609 SC LPC 6044 Exp 8/31/2023

  • Deleted |

    Bonnie Hoffmann, LMHC, NBCDCH Levittown, NY 11756 516-236-4577 I'm a Certified Gestalt Psychotherapist. Bonnie is trained in all areas of hypnosis, to include medical hypnosis. I'm certified by the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, and a member of the Medical Reserve Corps. I'm also trained in Nutritional Counseling, allowing her to deal with the total body/mind connection. My private practice is in Levittown. I specialize in Trauma, PTSD, Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Seasonal Affect Disorder, Stress Management, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, Panic Attacks, and Weight Loss Resistance. I have special training in working with military members and their families. I speak nationally and present workshops on Stress Management, Self-Esteem, and more to agencies, corporations, etc. Relaxation and Guided Imagery CD's or tapes are available. NY lic no record LMHC or MHC Audrey Sussman, PhD, LCSW, LMHC, NBCCH Anxiety Control Center New York, NY 917-399-2102 Contact me at Facebook and Twitter Director of the Anxiety Control Center and in private hypnotherapy practice for over 28 years. My Transformation System gives people the skills to get relief from problems such as: panic, anxiety, creative blocks, worry, self-doubt, procrastination, sadness, anger, fear, IBS, Migraines and pain. NY no PSY, CSW, MHC found. Kathryn Beam Troxler, LPC, NBCCH Greensboro, NC 27401 336-272-9975 Specialties are Ericksonian & Heart Centered Hypnotherapy & Pain Management. NC lic 2710 Expired 2018 Patricia Smith-Bailey, LCSW, NBCFCH Raleigh, NC 27607 919-881-7774 I specialize in the integration of mind-body-spirit. Sessions use solution-focused approaches to help identify your inner wisdom and personal power to treat trauma, anxiety, and depression. I am an NBCCH Fellow. NC lic LCSW C000478 Expired 6/15 Jimmie A. Wooding, LCSW, M.Ed., NBCCH Counseling Associates, Inc. Clarksville, AR 72830 479-774-1923 I offer psychotherapy with Ericksonian hypnotherapy treatment for pain management, IBS, anxiety disorders, habit control, trauma, and stress management. AR lic 2387-C expired 7/31/21 ​ Glynn J Nooner, LAc, MSE, MSCEd, NBCFCH Sheridan, AR 72150 870-917-9532 I am member of the American Mental Health Counselors Association, National Guild of Hypnotists, American Psychological Association, Arkansas Psychological Association, am an NBCCH Fellow, and The American Psychoanalytic Association. I have certifications in Jungian Psychoanalysis, CBT, Dream Interpretation, Acupressure, and LGBTQ counseling. I work for The Pointe in White Hall, AR and in Private Practice providing psychotherapy and/or hypnosis for Anxiety Disorders; Trauma; Mood Disorders; Schizophrenia; Personality Disorders; Dissociative Disorders and Paraphilic Disorders. I also use the specialty techniques of Hypno-Dreaming, RRT, and Guided Imagery in combination with the techniques provided above. I treat Children, Teens, and Adults. AR lic unable to verify Ac (Dept. of Health) Linda Beam, LCSW-C, NBCCH Towson, MD 21286 410-493-0934 or 410-583-7443 Psychotherapy for the mind/body/spirit. Serving adults, elders, individuals and couples. Hypnotherapy for anxiety disorders, phobias, stress management, weight control, pain management, post traumatic stress, and depression . MD no lic record John Teleska, MEd, NBCCH Ericksonian Psychotherapy Pittsford, NY 14534 585-264-9497 Ericksonian Psychotherapy- at Clifton Springs Hospital and private practice. Integrating hypnosis and psychotherapy in support of individuals and couples making changes in their physical, emotional, and life experiences. Learn to gain relief from the physical and psychological discomforts associated with the effects of past trauma, limiting behaviors, sexual dysfunction, anxiety, fears, phobias, headache, and pain. Get support for cancer, surgery , illness, and childbirth. Learn to have more options for satisfying relationships with yourself, with others, and with your endeavors in the world. Member of the American Counseling Association, the New York Mental Health Counselors Association, and the Forum for Psychotherapy Cybernetics. No license found any category Joseph T. Schippa, PhD, NBCDCH Briarcliff Manor, N.Y. 10510 Phone: 914-762-4481 Fax: 914-944-7155 A clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist with post-doctoral training program in clinical neuropsychology. I evaluate and provide psychotherapy and coaching to children, adolescents and adults. In addition to holding Diplomate status with the NBCCH and the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress. I'm an NLP Master Practitioner. I use CBT, hypnotherapy, and energy psychology methods such as EMDR and TAT, with special interest in transpersonal psychotherapy. As a life coach, I use the principles of positive psychology and NLP to help others achieve their life and career goals as well as to assist them in reaching their peak potential. NY no records found any category Dawn Armstrong, LPC, NBCCH Aurora Counseling Washington, DC 202-469-2921 I am pleased to offer Brief, Solution-Focused Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy to give you the tools to help resolve difficult issues, consider different perspectives, change unwanted behaviors, and reduce the pain and suffering that life issues may bring. My approach is practical, positive, and empowering! MD lic L3324 Inactive since 2015 Sigrid Dildine, LCSW-C, NBCCH Multilingual: German, Spanish and French. Bethesda, MD 20815 301-299-2477 301-229-1619 Post graduate trainings in EMDR, Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and NLP allow me to rapidly and effectively work with depression, anxiety, anger management, grief, trauma, body image and relationship challenges. I employ precise, down-to-earth techniques integrating body, brain, soul, heart and human connection. These innovative techniques draw upon Attachment-Based Psychodynamic Theory, Neuroscience and Bio-physiology and have been shown to produce swift and lasting results. I have lived in Europe, am familiar with and sensitive to cross cultural issues. MD no lic record Baraka B. Elihu, LPC, NBCCH LGBTQIA Brooklyn, NY 11215 347-304-0603 I am an archetypal psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist, author + teacher. Hypnosis focuses on engaging + amplifying your own inner expert so you may move gracefully into your power, + manifest a life of quality + beauty. Expertise in women's empowerment, transcending trauma, sacred sexuality, writing + narrative therapy, holistic health, the sacred feminine, and dream study. I offer individual + group hypnotherapy, and custom hypnosis recordings with binaural beats. I hold safe, sacred space for the LGBTQIA community. I honor diversity + am committed to my continued multicultural education as a counselor. NY no record , web address broken

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    New York Bob Talbot PhD, LCSW, CEAP, NBCFCH Certified Employee Assistance Professional Critical Incident Stress Debriefing New York 10022 10027 917 747-1478 Since 2001, my practice has focused on working in Wall Street with victims of 9/11. I initially led a mental health team in a crisis center for a firm that lost the most employees to help the surviving leadership of that firm re-open and rebuild their business back into the major trading and investment company that it was. I now serve employees and executives at a corporate health center for a major Wall Street bank. I provide crisis debriefing, short-term solution focused psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, training, management / HR consultation, and executive coaching. I have a private practice providing short-term psychotherapy and hypnotherapy in Manhattan, NY. NY lLCSW039933 8/24 Stephen Paul Adler, PhD, NBCFCH Global Institute for Trauma Resolution, LLC Bilingual: English/ Portuguese Sao Paul, Brazil 04007-004 New York 10027 +1 917 757 4360 Mobile USA +55 11 9-8746-0722 Mobile BRA BRA +1 347 480 1832 PRIVATE PRACTICE: Psychoanalysis, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Gestalt, Art Therapy, Individual, Satir Family Therapy, Couples, Adolescents, Group, Marathon, Terminally Ill, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, EMDR, Focusing Practioner, Focusing, Reiki, Sensori-motor Therapy, Core Energetics, Interfaith Minister. Visiting professor UNIFESP Sao Palo Brazil, certified consultant American Society for Clinical Hypnosis (only consultant in South America), Board Certified Expert in Post Traumatic Stress, Focused Oriented Psychotherapist, Founder Implicit Relational Therapy. NY lic psychoanalyst 000476 12/23 Regina Camillieri , IBCLC, LMFT, NBCCH 845-337=0141 Cortland, NY 10567 I'm a NY licensed MFT and an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant with over 20 years of experience. My experience includes treatment of addiction, weight management, smoking, sexual assault, PTSD, Birth, anxiety, and pain management. I'm trained in Family Systems Theory which is a way of explaining how interactions with others influences our outlook on our self and others. I use meditation and generational mapping to enhance my sessions. I've found that hypnotherapy changes lives . NY lic LMFT 002025 Exp 10/25 Richard F. Liotta, PhD, NBCCH Saranac Lake, NY Phone: 518-891-0924 Malone, NY 518-891-0924 I am trained in state-of-the art brief treatment techniques including CBT, hypnotherapy, Eye-Movement Integration™, and NLP. I work with anxiety, depression, behavioral addictions, self control and enhancing life effectiveness skills. I am a Clinical Psychologist, Licensed Psychologist and a member of the American Psychological Association. I am a National Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Certified Master NLP practitioner. NY lic PSY 010490 11/24 Joseph T. Schippa, PhD, NBCFCH Briarcliff Manor, N.Y. 10510 Phone: 914-762-4481 Fax: 914-801-0273 I'm a clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist with post-doctoral training program in clinical neuropsychology. I evaluate and provide psychotherapy and coaching to children, adolescents and adults. In addition to holding Diplomate status with the NBCCH and the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress. I'm an NLP Master Practitioner. I use CBT, hypnotherapy, and energy psychology methods such as EMDR and TAT, with special interest in transpersonal psychotherapy. As a life coach, I use the principles of positive psychology and NLP to help others achieve their life and career goals as well as to assist them in reaching their peak potential. NY PSY 013704 02/25 Rachel B. Hott, PhD, NBCFCH The NLP Center of New York 212-647-0860 I'm a NY licensed clinical psychologist and certified master practitioner/ trainer of NLP, and co-director and co-founder of The NLP Center of New York. Jack Canfield trained me to facilitate self-esteem trainings. My specialization areas include: Performance anxiety, Sexuality, Life Transitions, Addictions and Healthy Lifestyles (weight control, sleep and exercise). I use Thought Field Therapy, EMDR, and Self-Relations. I'm endorsed by NLP Comprehensive to conduct Core Transformation© workshops. I've written articles for Anchor Point magazine and am sought after as a presenter on NLP and Communication. Recent clients are the International Coach Federation (ICF), RogenSI, Uventures and Equinox. NY lic PSY015813 6/24 Sharon Brown Katz, LCSW, NBCCH NYC, NY 10021 215-622-5152 Telehealth Accepts Insurance NY RN 499854 10/24 Arthur Pomponio, PhD, LP, NBCCH New York City (Upper West Side), 10025 917-446-5076 You are looking at this website to address a problem or issue of concern. I'd like to talk with you about your needs to see if I can help. I am a licensed psychoanalyst n practice for nearly 20 years, also certified in hypnotherapy and EMDR. I use hypnotherapy to address pain management (with medical approval), smoking, weight loss, and other unwanted behaviors. I also use it to help people struggling with anxiety, anger, stress, overall health and wellness management, and phobias. And finally, I use hypnotherapy to work with trauma, although this may require additional support from the other types of therapy I practice. I am also the President of the National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis, where I am also a training analyst, supervisor, and instructor. NY lic psychoanalyst 000389 8/23 Melina Fazzolari-Napoli, LCSW-R, EASC, CCTP, NBCCH Wantagh, NY 11793 (Long Island) Multilingual: English/Italian/Spanish 516-847-5916 I am a clinical hypnotherapist in Wantagh, NY (Long Island). I specialize in the use of Ericksonian Hypnosis to treat a number of different symptoms including smoking cessation, overeating, and anxiety. NY lic LCSW077752 10/24 Steven A. Leeds, LMHC, NBCFCH The NLP Center of New York 212-647-0860 I am a Certified Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP. I'm co-director and co-founder of The NLP Center of New York. I studied NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis with John Grinder, Richard Bandler, Robert Dilts, Leslie Cameron Bandler and Virginia Satir. I also studied extensively with Stephen Gilligan and Jack Canfield. I’ve been providing Ericksonian Hypnosis Certification Training since 1986. I'm endorsed by NLP Comprehensive to conduct Core Transformation© seminars and am a founding member of the International Association of NLP. I provide hypnosis training in the United States, Europe and South America, and NLP Certification Training in Zurich, Switzerland. NY lic LMHC000149 2/23 Patricia Quinn LCAT, CASAC, NBCCH Patricia Quinn Creative Arts Therapy, LLC Warwick, NY 10990 3 free sessions for veterans 845-649-0953 I combine Ericksonian hypnotherapy with creative arts. My expertise is use of NLP and hypnotherapy for individuals, couples and families with addiction and dual disorders such as habit control, coping skills, eating disorders, self-esteem, trauma, problem solving, phobias and physical pain. I'm an advanced practitioner of Reiki, Oneness Blessing energetic healing. I lead free monthly meditations at the Iyengar Center of Warwick ( ). I’m a member of the American Art Therapy Association, Association for Mind Body Healing, Association for Spirituality and Psychotherapy, and the Veteran-Family Alliance of the Hudson Valley. I offer a free phone consultation. NY lic Creative Arts Therapy 000324 11/23 Geraldine Abbatiello, PhD, NBCCH Center for Life's Journeys Chappaqua, NY 10514 914-299-0256 (cell) I am president of a Center for Life's Journeys with offices in Westchester, Duchess and Putnam counties. I hold International Certification as "Fellow in Thanatology" specializing in losses across the lifespan and issues related to illness, dying and death. I'm also a nationally certified Advance Hospice and Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner specializing in pain and non-pain symptom management, alternative perspectives for dealing with serious illnesses. I use CBT with hypnosis in treating adults and adolescents for Stress management and coping skills, Managing Anxiety & Depression; Chronic and Life Threatening Illness and Grief and Loss Issues. NY lic RN240841 5/23 Karen Schwarz, LMHC, CASAC, NBCCH Syracuse, NY 13201 315-289-6107 I specializze in weight reduction and performance enhancement, including, but not limited to, improving sports proficiency, diminishing test anxiety, increasing confidence during public speaking, and enhancing self-assurance in social and other situations. II also help people quit smoking, overcome phobias, and minimize medically non-critical pain. NY lic LMHC004084 9/24 Laurie Teal, RN-C, NBCCH-PS Heart Centered Healing Arts Shushan, NY 12873 Phone: 518-854-9248 Email: NY RN 499854 10/24

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    Get Listed. Your Name & Credentials Your practice's City, State, and Zip Code Phone Number for your practice Email for your practice Web Address for your practice Plase check all that apply: Telehealth appointments In-Office appointments Accepts Insurance Bilingual Provides Training Provides Supervision Author I approve my existing Listing as it is Create or modify your Practitioner Listing here. 100 word count max, in first person. SUBMIT Thank you for your Get Listed submission. If you have questions, please contact NBCCH. Members whose information and dues are current may copy this logo for use on their professional materials.

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