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South Carolina

Robert E. McCarthy, PhD, LPC, LAC,  NBCFCH

Myrtle Beach, SC 29577


Comprehensive mental health practice providing individual, group, marital and family therapies as well as specializing in psychometric assessment, clinical hypnosis and biofeedback.

SC LPC1719 

LAC 277 

Kim Finucan, LPC, LPCS,  C-DBT, NBCCH

Charleston, SC 29492




With training in DBT, Trauma Informed Hypnotherapy, EMDR, and over 20 years in hands-on clinical care service delivery, Kim provides counseling, supervision and consulting services. Joining others on their chosen life journey.

SC/LPC 4771; SC/LPCS 5455

Paul J. Leslie, PhD, LPC, NBCFCH

Aiken, SC 29801


In-office appointments

Insurance accepted

Psychotherapist, author, educator, and trainer of solution-based therapies, Ericksonian hypnosis, NLP, and creative counseling/coaching applications.

SC LPC 6036

Donna Brunetti, LMHC, LPCC, LPC, NBCCH


Telehealth appointments


I've worked in the field of addiction and also with Soldiers and Veterans for many years.  I'm trained in DBT, EMDR, and RRT, as well as being National Board Certified in clinical hypnotherapy.  I use my training to find expedient ways to end turmoil.  The end game is when people are happier.  I want my clients to live their life instead of sitting with a therapist.  I've learned that Rapid Resolution Therapy with Clinical Hypnosis makes that goal attainable.

NY LMHC006110


SC LPC6900

John J. Burton, EdD, LPC, NBCDCH

Pittsburgh, PA 15221


Teletherapy and in-office appointments

Published Author

I hold a Doctorate in Human Development Counseling from Vanderbilt University. I’m licensed in New Mexico, Colorado, and South Carolina, with Pennsylvania pending.  With over 40 years of professional experience, I’m also certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy, I’m an NLP Master, a Reiki Master, and am a trained medical intuitive.  I’ve written 5 books and have published numerous articles.  I also conduct workshops for the public and training for professionals.  Through my transpersonal approach to counseling, I assist individuals in evolving to their true self.My most recent book is Hypnotic Language:  Its' structure and use.

PA LPC Pending

CO LPC 0015153

SC LPC 1145


Josee Madison, Certified Life Coach, NBCHt

Josee Madison, LLC

Brooksville, SC 29223


Bilingual English/French

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