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New Mexico

Carol Christianson, LPC, NBCFCH

Santa Fe, NM. 87501

Phone:  (505) 920-5342

Licensed Professional Counselor, I use Brief Solution Focused Therapy and Ericksonian Hypnosis practices to help you transform fears, phobias, addictions, motivation, and trauma.  Free initial consultation appointment.

NM LPC 4431 

John J. Burton, EdD, LPC, NBCDCH

Pittsburgh, PA 15221


Teletherapy and in-office appointments

Published Author

I hold a Doctorate in Human Development Counseling from Vanderbilt University. I’m licensed in New Mexico, Colorado, and South Carolina, with Pennsylvania pending.  With over 40 years of professional experience, I’m also certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy, I’m an NLP Master, a Reiki Master, and am a trained medical intuitive.  I’ve written 5 books and have published numerous articles.  I also conduct workshops for the public and training for professionals.  Through my transpersonal approach to counseling, I assist individuals in evolving to their true self.My most recent book is Hypnotic Language:  Its' structure and use.

PA LPC Pending

CO LPC 0015153

SC LPC 1145


Dorothy Forbes Sack, LCSW, NBCCH

Taos, NM. 875071


Works with Children

NM LCSW C-08637


Jacksonville, FL 32225


800-616-1875 fax

Telehealth only

I have a 100% online professional counseling service, using video conferencing. I work with clients ages 12 and and a wide variety of issues, I particularly enjoy working with clients dealing with depression, anxiety, trauma, stress, anger, and adjustment issues. I am eclectic and holistic in my approach to therapy, drawing from various systems of therapy to meet the individual needs of the client, and encompassing care of the body, mind, and spirit. I am also a Nationally Certified Counselor, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Board Certified in TeleMental Health. Most insurance and employee assistance programs are covering video conferencing. I will be happy to call to find out if this is a covered benefit under your insurance plan.

AZ, LPC18086; CO LPC 0015337; GA LPC 004731;  ID LPC 9983; KS LPC 03160; MI LPC 6401017334; MN LPC 3226; MO LPC 2021011412; NE LPC 5904; NE MH 5904; NM LCMHC 14883; ok LPC 11654; OR LPC C5307; SD LPC 20582; TX LPC 89446; VA LPC 070108299

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