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Stann W. Reiziss, PhD, CCBT, NBCFCH

Director, Hypnosis Information & Referral

Kailua-Oahu, Hawaii 96734


40 Years of Professional Experience Specializing in Hypnosis Instruction, Cognitive-Behavioral Approaches, Life Coaching, Mentoring, Self-Improvement, Motivation, Self-Control, Habit Control, Focus and Concentration, Self-Confidence, Test Anxiety, Stress Management, Sports Performance, Personal Empowerment, many other applications.

Jerrold Barclay, PT, NBCCH

Jerrold Barclay Hypnotherapy 

Maui, Hi, 97653

808- 866-7169

18 years of experience as a physical therapist with an interest in chronic pain. Ericksonian hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, Generative Trance. Treatment for chronic pain, stress,  and  stress-induced illness.  QUIT smoking, weight control, performance enhancement in sports and learning, and personal growth issues

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