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Welcome to NBCCH

30+ Years of Hypnotherapist Certification

Is your practice specialization unique?
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Looking for a bilingual practitioner, or a bilingual hypnosis training?  Look under the "Training" or "Practitioner" tabs.

The National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists was organized in 1991 as a national and international certifying organization dedicated to promoting professional standards in the mental and physical health specialty of hypnotherapy. NBCCH continues its commitment to the diversity of its constituents, to promoting best practices, and to providing information to the public. NBCCH works to promote the talents and skills of its members.  Our body of vetted trainers and member services continue to expand.  Find training opportunities below.  Learn more by visiting the Training tab.

Training Opportunities

Training Opportunities Bulletin

A universal NBCCH membership prerequisite is 50+ hours of clinical hypnosis training by an NBCCH-approved provider. 

For more information, please see the NBCCH approved trainers list.

Many previously listed courses are now in progress and closed for registration.  It may be helpful to check the "training" tab above where you can check the approved trainers' own web pages to see what's available in addition to what's listed here.

Dr. Jon Connelly and the Institute for Rapid Resolution Therapy offers a 2 hour FREE open enrollment class.

Solutions!  On Zoom, every Monday Night from 7 - 9 pm EST.  No class April 15.

Afternoon Class Thursday April 4 from 1 - 3 EST.

The course is free, but registration is required. 

Visit The Institute for Rapid Resolution Therapy to register.

Dr. Jon Connelly and the Institute for Rapid Resolution Therapy offers Foundations, A Deep Dive Into Part One of the RRT Process & Techniques and Multi-Level Communications.

This is a 60 hour clinical hypnosis with RRT class taught live online.  

Every Friday from September 13 - November 15 from  10 am  to 6 pm EST with breaks.

Visit The Institute for Rapid Resolution Therapy to register.

Or call 800-587-2623

Dr. Elizabeth Michas and MindWorks offers Brain-Based Hypnotherapy.  This is a 2 Part course with a combination of prerecorded lessons and  live online Zoom meetings or a live weekend retreat.

The 2 Part course is approved for NBCCH Certification.

Part 1 consists of prerecorded, self-paced lessons (with quizzes).

Part 2 is live online Zoom calls held on 16 consecutive Mondays from 12-1:30 EST May 6 - August 19, or August 26 - December 9.   

Or Part 2 can be attended as a live 3-day retreat at  816 Pinedale Rd., Fort Walton Beach, FL from Friday, June 28 - Sunday, June 30.

(CEs are available for this course).

Visit Mindworks to learn more.  These trainings include access to an online facebook group.  

The Wellness Institute is offering a 6-Day Online  Hypnotherapy and Age-Regression Training.  

This organization provides training approved for 60 CEs in 50 states.

The course is approved for NBCCH Certification.

The upcoming course is held on June 20-25, July 25-30, and one divided course on September 13-15 and 20-11.

Visit The Wellness Institute to learn more and register.

Randall Churchill and The Hypotherapy Training Institute (HTI) offers In-person, State Certified, Clinical Hypnotism training held in person at Corte Madera, California. 

HTI training is approved for NBCCH Certification and also  for ACHE Certification.

Accelerated Intensives run from June 29 - July 27, and weekend programs run from May 25 - August 11.  Graduate Master classes run September 7 through September 21. 

Visit the Hypnotherapy Training Institute to order a brochure and to register.

Therapist Training in Healing HypnosisTM  by Camila Martinez is offered in Spanish.

and is approved for NBCCH Certification   

The course is a combination of online and live virtual training.

Call +52 1 55 2522 7437 for more information.

Dr. Elizabeth Michas and MindWorks offers an in-person advanced beach summer intensive at 

Fort Walton Beach, FL

From Friday, June 28 - Sunday, June 30.  Space is limited.

This 3 day course, combined with Part 1, is approved for NBCCH Certification. CEs are available.

Click here to learn more.  

Bill O'Hanlon and PsychMaven offer Ericksonian and Solution-Oriented Hypnosis live online.

This course will be available in July 2024, but registration may open earlier (save your place now).

The course is approved for NBCCH Certification

CEs are available.

Join the mailing list for reminders and updates to training.

Katherine Zimmerman and offers Past Life Regression Therapy.

October 19-20, 10 am to 1 pm Pacific Time.  with 15 CE hours for Hypnotherapists.

Prerequisite:  Hypnotherapy training and Age Regression.

Class size is limited.  Online, hands-on, supervised practice is available.

The course is NOT approved for NBCCH Certification

Click here to learn more.


Katherine Zimmerman and offers Become a Hypnotherapist.

Begins January 25, 2025. Pre-course lecture mp3s,and 120+ hours of instruction, totalling 200 hours.

The course is approved for NBCCH Certification, and also for ACHE Certification 

Click here to learn more.

Do you offer a training?


Our founder, Ron Klein, began NBCCH 30+ years ago, and grew it into one of the premier certifying boards for hypnotherapists.  For decades, Ron was known for training hypnotherapists in Ericksonian methods and NLP.  In 2019, Lorrie Fisher came on board as Ron's Director of Membership.  She created an updated website for NBCCH, and Ron began discussions about the future of NBCCH as he contemplated retirement.  By the 4th quarter of 2021 Ron had closed his institute and office due to failing health, and the legal transfer of NBCCH to Lorrie began. Perhaps due to Long COVID, Ron interrupted that transfer by posting a surprise announcement that NBCCH would terminate effective New Year's Eve 2021. With the new NBCCH website in hand, Lorrie relaunched NBCCH effective New Years Day 2022.


Thanks to the loyalty and enthusiasm of our membership, once again, NBCCH is thriving. We have all retained our certifications and are now adding new services for our members..  

Lorrie Fisher is a PhD psychophysiologist (literally a mind-body practitioner) with an online, private practice. She's licensed as a marriage and family therapist, and is board certified in biofeedback /neurofeedback. Her practice consists of remotely supervised at-home neurofeedback and biofeedback, as well as online brief trauma hypnotherapy. Lorrie has trained in RRT, Brainspotting, EMDR, NLP, Kriya meditation, and is certified as a Clinical Fellow by NBCCH. Her education includes architecture and medicine, with a bit of what's called bio-hacking on the side.  To learn more visit  Or call the contact number and say hello.

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